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Enabling Your Business

An indispensable tool for Cyber Practitioners who are always on the move but requires the ability to capture project risks in a timely manner, while they are interacting with different project stakeholders.

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The RiskTaker App

Technology is and can be a business enabler, and cyber risks can become the opportunity to gain competitive advantages. The RiskTaker App is design for cyber practitioners, business owners and start-up entrepreneurs in mind.

Name Generator

The Name Generator feature allows you to generate unique, innovative fancy names that can be used as project names, code word, campaign names, or even avatars for kanban!

The descriptors and names are also curated to ensure that they have a positive connotation that is suitable for most occasions.

Simply the best fancy name generators out there!

The combinations of names, descriptors, colors, shades and badge types amount to over 500,000 combinations, so there will be something suitable.

Apple Watch Friendly Images

With each name generated, there is a set of corresponding images that can be used as Apple Watch Face to aide memory and focus.

Risk Assessment

A real challenge for Cyber Practitioners, Business Owners and Start-Up Entrepreneurs is the ability to know the potential risks associated with their projects. 

The RiskTaker App is an easy to use, always available tool that can be use to quickly record risk scenarios for different projects. This reduces any omissions and oversights which often happen due to the amount of activities and interactions.

Support Multiple Projects

At the heart of all great business, is the ability to be innovative and being great at what it does.  

The RiskTaker App keep track of multiple projects simultaneously. This provide a better clarity of the risk environment to facilitate the making of informed business decisions.

Record Risk Scenarios

Managing risk responsibility will require the proper identification of various risk scenarios throughout the project delivery lifecycle. 

The RiskTaker App enables the user to keep track of the indicative risk posture of each scenarios in order to maximise investment and energy.

Perform Risk Assessment

The responsible management of CyberRisk is about bringing the appropriate stakeholders together and get a consensus of the potential business and technology impact.

The RiskTaker App currently adopt the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) assessment methodology to provide a industry recognised approach to assess cyber risk.  

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